Low-Acid and Acidified Low-Acid Foods In Hermetically Sealed Containers – Visual Inspection Protocol
3.0 Inspection Equipment

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It is recommended that inspectors be equipped with the following items during each inspection, however additional items may be required:

  • Magnifying glass, at least 5x magnification
  • Light meter
  • Auxiliary light sourceFootnote 1
  • Seam micrometer
  • Centre depth gauge
  • Indelible marking pen
  • Tags, labels, and sample bags for sample identification
  • Sturdy durable container to transport samples
  • Metal Can Defects Manual
  • Visual inspection report form
  • Detention or seizure forms
  • Flash light
  • Probe

For the detailed inspection of the selected containers, and any reinspection, the light used must be a minimum of 100 foot candles or 1000 lux. If the inspector feels the lighting does not meet this requirement, a light meter should be used to evaluate the lighting.

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