A Fish and Seafood Processor's Step-by-step Guide

In order to export fish and seafood, processors must obtain a Certificate of Registration from the CFIA. Developing a QMP Plan is a condition of registration. It is important to note that it is the processor's responsibility to comply with the regulatory requirements. The processor is responsible for the safety and quality of the products they produce by ensuring their QMP Plan is properly developed, effectively implemented, and meets all requirements. The CFIA is mandated to ensure all fish processing plants are in compliance with the Fish Inspection Regulations. As such, the CFIA has developed this guide as a comprehensive tool to help new fish processors understand the Quality Management Program, and develop an acceptable QMP Plan of their own.

Your QMP Plan is a living document which should be kept up-to-date and reflective of your operation. From time to time revisions and amendments to the QMP Program are implemented by CFIA in consultation with industry and in response to emerging issues, market requirements and new technology. You are encouraged to visit the CFIA website regularly to remain informed of any updates.

If you require any additional information while developing or maintaining your QMP Plan visit the CFIA website at www.inspection.gc.ca.

You may also obtain further information by contacting your regional CFIA office.

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