Thermal Process Control Worksheet for Canned Fish and Fish Products

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A. Product

Plant Registration Number:
Thermal Process Reference Number:
Name Form or Style and Packing Medium:

Fish is Packed: Raw / Smoked / Pre-cooked / Previously Frozen

Percent Fish:
Percent Other Than Fish:
% Specify

Product Information:
raw pH
Water Activity

Type of Product: Low-Acid Canned Food / Acidified Low-Acid Canned Food

B. Processing Method

ID #:

Heating Medium:
Processing Method: Still Agitating Other (explain)
Acidified Maximum Equilibrium pH:
Method of Acidification:
Acidifying Agent:
Pasteurization Method:
Preservative Used:

Container Information:

Type: 3-piece / soldered / welded / 2-piece
tin / TFS (tin free steel) / aluminum / glass / pouch / other

Container Name:
Container Dimensions:
Capacity: volume units

Process Establishment Source:
Date last established:
Process recommendations attached? yes / no

C. Critical factors as delineated by Process Specialist or Process Authority to Assure Commercial Sterility

No Critical Factors associated with this thermal process:

Critical Factors:

Maximum Water Activity (MW)
Quality Products (PQ)
Consistency/Viscosity (CV)
Matting Tendency (MT)

Layer Pack (LP)
Particle Size (PS)
Method Name
Syrup Strength (SS)
Starch Added (SA)
Fill Method (FM)

Max. %
Hand / Type
Machine / Formula Changes (FC)
Other / Preparation Method (PM)
% Solids / Other Binder (OB)

Min. % Moisture of Dry Ingredients
Other (specify) (OT)

Solid to Liquid Ratio (wt. to wt.) (SL)
Drained wt./Net wt. Ratio (DW)
Arrangement of Pieces in Container (AP)
Maximum Pouch Thickness in Retort (MP)
Maximum Residual Air (Pouches) (MR)
Container Position in Retort (CP)
Nesting of Containers (NC) maximum

D. Scheduled Process

Are dividers used in the baskets? Yes / No
Vent Schedule: °F or °C and Minutes

Temperature-distribution test conducted by:
Date of test: YY MM

LACF Scheduled Process Acidified or aw Controlled Scheduled Process

Min. IT °F or °C / Min. IT / Fill / Center
Process Time: Minutes / Process Time: / Hold Time:
Other: / N/A

Process Temperature: °F or °C
Process Temperature: °F or °C / N/A
Least Sterilizing Value F0
Is cooling a factor in process lethality? No / Yes / Specify Critical Factors:
F0 With Cooling / F0 Without Cooling
Cooling Phase Time: Minutes / Final Product Temperature: Degrees
Type of cooling: In retort under pressure / Out of retort
In retort at atmospheric pressure / In retort, water spray / Other
Water supply: Town / Plant / Chlorination / Other
Residual chlorine content: ppm

Other Critical Factors to Assure Commercial Sterility

Headspace: Net in. or mm / Gross in. or mm / N/A
Maximum Weight: Drained oz. or g / Fill oz. or g / N/A
Minimum Net Weight: oz. or g / N/A
Minimum Free Liquid at Closing: oz. or g / N/A
Minimum Container Closing Machine Gauge Vacuum: / N/A

E. QMP File Review

Company Name:
Company Address:
Plant Location:

Company Officer


Date modified: