Canadian Export Requirements

  1. The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations and the Licensing and Arbitration Regulations do not apply to exporters or shipments for export.
  2. For fresh products falling under the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations there are no grade requirements to export.

    The USDA requires onions, potatoes and field tomatoes destined for the USA or Puerto Rico to be inspected and certified to meet their import requirements. A CFIA inspection certificate is honoured by the USDA.

  3. Container size and labelling requirements for fresh fruit and vegetables are determined by the importing country.
  4. Exporters and travellers should contact the importing country's department of agriculture or its embassy/consulate/trade commission in Canada regarding a foreign country's requirements for quality, packaging, labelling, health, or phytosanitary certification on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Export Information By Jurisdiction

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