Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Registered Produce Warehouse (RPW) Program Manual of Procedures
5. Suspension and Cancellation

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5.1 Suspension

The registration of a Registered Produce Warehouse may be suspended if the establishment or operator does not meet or comply with the provisions of the CAPA or FFVR or if the operator has failed or is unable to take immediate corrective measures for compliance with the establishment requirements of registration (section 2.2 of this manual) or operation (section 3 of this manual). In these cases, the suspension will remain in effect for up to 30 days or until the deficiencies have been corrected and these corrections have been verified by a CFIA inspector. For an extension to the 30-day period, the operator must request permission from the Regional Director.

However, in the case of product inspections or non-compliance with any provisions in respect of grading, the Registered Produce Warehouse may be suspended only when infractions occur in two (2) or more lots in one product inspection while on a tightened frequency (subsection 57(1.1)). The suspension will remain in effect until the RPW has consecutively packed 225,000 kg (495,000 lb) of produce without incurring one infraction.

In all cases, if it is reasonable to believe that public health will be endangered if the establishment is allowed to continue operating, this is grounds for immediate suspension.

5.2 Cancellation

The registration of a Registered Produce Warehouse may be cancelled, where:

  1. the operator has failed to correct deficiencies in the operation of the establishment within 30 days of receiving a suspension, or any longer period of time allowed;
  2. there has been a change in ownership, which involves a change in management of the establishment;
  3. the application for registration contains false or misleading information.

In the case of suspension or cancellation, the Registered Produce Warehouse (RPW) List shall be updated immediately and a notification of the change in status of the establishment shall be sent to Headquarters.

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