Clarification on Registration Requirements for Establishments Repacking Imported Honey

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This notice is to advise honey industry stakeholders that registration with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is required for those establishments where imported honey is repacked for trade either within the province and/or throughout Canada. This is required by section 5.1 and section 52 of the Honey Regulations (HR).

Section 52 of the HR states that where imported honey is repacked in Canada, blended or unblended with Canadian honey, it must be packed, classified, graded and marked in accordance with these Regulations. Section 5.1 of the HR states that the grade names established by the HR may be used only for honey that is prepared in a registered establishment.

Further information regarding the registration process is available in section 1.3 of Chapter 1 of the Honey Establishment Inspection (HEIM) Manual.

The CFIA is also taking this opportunity to remind stakeholders that, in addition to the above, only honey establishments registered with the CFIA are eligible to engage in the following:

  • the export trade of honey packed in Canada,
  • the interprovincial trade of honey except in the case of honey packed in bulk containers conveyed to a registered establishment for the purpose of classification, grading, repacking or reprocessing,
  • the use of a grade name prescribed by the HR, for example Canada No. 1, on containers of honey.

Originally issued February 8, 2010 (Notice to Industry)

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