Automated Import Reference System Verification Service

The Automated Import Reference System Verification Service (AVS) is designed to validate the coding of multiple Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) commodities in a single request for importers/brokers. It minimizes the number of rejected Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requests due to incorrect entries, or missing or invalid AIRS coding in EDI transactions. AVS helps importers/brokers validate multiple commodities against the most current AIRS database. Within minutes, AVS identifies which line in a transaction, if any, is incorrect. In addition, AVS clearly indicates the line number in error, thereby eliminating the need for importers/brokers to contact the National Import Service Centre (NISC) to pinpoint the error.

Benefits of using AVS

  • AVS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • all product lines can be verified at once, to a maximum of 400 lines per message
  • AVS clearly identifies the line number in error
  • AVS reduces the number of rejections in EDI
  • AVS reduces calls to the NISC to verify status and to identify the errors
  • AVS minimizes delays at the border and expedite the release of shipments
  • AVS provides a more efficient means to validate and update AIRS codes

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AVS Webkey

To request an AVS Webkey please contact the CFIA EDI Coordinator and provide your Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) account security number.

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