Labelling Requirements for Alcoholic Beverages
List of Ingredients – Alcoholic Beverages

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Standardized alcoholic beverages (those with compositional standards in Division 2 of the FDR such as beer, wine, and rum) and bourbon whiskey are exempt from the requirement to show a list of ingredients on the label [B.01.008(2)(f), FDR].

Unstandardized alcoholic beverages (those for which there is no standard in Division 2 of the FDR) require a complete list of ingredients and their components [B.01.008(1)(b), FDR]. Therefore, products such as sake, cocktails (martinis, mojitos, etc.), pernod, and ouzo require a list of ingredients.

For more information on declaring the list of ingredients when required, refer to List of Ingredients and Allergens.

For information specific to beer, see List of Ingredients and Food Allergen, Gluten and Added Sulphite Labelling for Beer.

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