Labelling Requirements for Alcoholic Beverages
Food Allergens, Gluten and Added Sulphite Labelling – Alcoholic Beverages

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Added allergens, gluten sources and sulphites at a level of 10 ppm or more must be declared when present in alcoholic beverages [B.01.010(2), FDR]. This requirement applies to bourbon whisky and standardized alcoholic beverages, even though these are exempt from declaring a list of ingredients [B.01.008(2)(f), FDR]. It also applies to unstandardized alcoholic beverages. Beer, ale, stout, porter and malt liquor are exempt from the requirement to declare food allergen, gluten or added sulphites unless a list of ingredients is shown on the product's label [B.01.010.1(5), FDR]. Also see List of Ingredients and Food Allergen, Gluten and Added Sulphite Labelling for Beer.

For more information refer to List of Ingredients and Allergens.

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