Composition and Quality Claims

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Common Name

When used in reference to a food, means:

  • the name of the food printed in boldface type in the Food and Drug Regulations;
  • the name prescribed by any other regulation; or
  • if the name of the food is not so printed or prescribed, the name by which the food is generally known. [B.01.001, FDR]

Grade Name

Means a prescribed name, mark or designation of a category and includes a standard prescribed for an agricultural product [2, Canada Agricultural Products Act (CAPA)].

Negative Claim

A statement about:

  • the absence of a particular ingredient, substance or class of substances in a food because the substance is not inherent to the food;
  • a substance that is not present in the food either through direct addition or through carry-over; or
  • a substance that has been removed from the final food.
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