Labelling Requirements for Confectionery, Chocolate and Snack Food Products
List of Ingredients

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Exemptions from Component Declaration

When added as ingredients, the components of cocoa and low-fat cocoa are not required to be shown in the ingredients list.

Cocoa as Flavour

Cocoa cannot be declared as "flavour" at the end of a list of ingredients. Even though cocoa lends flavour to a product, it must be declared by its prescribed common name, i.e., "cocoa," in descending order of proportion by weight in the list of ingredients.

Dutched Cocoa

Cocoa requires a list of ingredients, and the ingredient list must state whether the cocoa has been processed with one of the alkaline processing agents described in B.04.005, FDR. It does not have to be described as "dutch", "dutched", "dutch processed" or "processed with alkali", etc., although no objection would be taken to the use of such descriptives.

Confectioner's Glaze

"Confectioner's glaze" is the name of a food additive (glazing agent) typically encountered on labels for US confections. The acceptable common name for this food additive in Canada is "shellac".

Chocolate Fillings – Nitrogen Declaration

When nitrogen is used to fluff up a chocolate filling, it is considered to be an ingredient of the filling, and is therefore required to be shown in the list of ingredients. When the filling is used as an ingredient in another food, the nitrogen must be shown as a component of the filling.

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