Labelling Requirements for Confectionery, Chocolate and Snack Food Products
Nutrition Labelling

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Exemption from the Requirement for a Nutrition Facts Table

A prepackaged confection, commonly known as a one bite confection, when sold individually, is not required to be labelled with a nutrition facts table. A one bite confection is always exempt from carrying a Nutrition Facts table, even if it contains aspartame, sucralose or acesulfame-potassium.

Basis of Nutrition Facts Table Information - Chocolates

Nutrient content information for a box of assorted chocolates may be presented either as a composite value for all of the chocolates, using the Standard, Horizontal or Linear Nutrition Facts table format, or separately for each variety of chocolate, using the Aggregate Format - Different Kinds of Foods.

The above would also apply to a prepackaged product consisting of assorted chocolates sold within a chocolate shell (e.g., assorted chocolates within a heart-shaped chocolate shell).

See Nutrition Labelling for more information.

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