Labelling Requirements for Confectionery, Chocolate and Snack Food Products
Voluntary Claims and Statements

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Calcium Enriched Claim on Pretzels

Calcium may be added to the flour that is used to make pretzels, in the amount permitted under the flour standard. Pretzels cannot carry claims such as 'calcium enriched'. Claims that are permitted include 'good' or 'excellent' source of calcium claims permitted by the Food and Drug Regulations when conditions are met. See the section on Vitamin and Mineral Nutrient Claims for more information.

Non-Cariogenic Substances

For products such as gums, a health claim about a non-cariogenic substance is possible under some conditions. See the Disease Risk Reduction Claims Table for more information.

"Natural" Claim on Chocolate with Lecithin

A chocolate product containing lecithin cannot be represented as "natural" because lecithin is a food additive. The claim "with all natural ingredients" may be used if the lecithin is obtained from a natural source and is not chemically synthesized and has not been subjected to any other process listed in Annex 1 – Minimum Processes.

See the section on natural claims for more information.

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