Labelling and Composition Requirements for Grain and Bakery Products

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Breakfast Cereal

Advertisers should be careful when producing breakfast cereal advertisements, especially television commercials intended for children. Energy claims and physical actions exaggerated beyond the limits of credibility are considered particularly unacceptable when directed at children. Depiction of physical action in games requiring more skill than actual physical energy is not usually considered to be a violation, provided there is no suggestion that such actions are the result of consuming the product. For nutrient content claims for foods solely for children under two years of age, refer to Nutrient Content Claims on Foods Intended Solely for Children under Two Years of Age. Health claims are prohibited on foods intended for children under two.

Breakfast cereals are only one part of a good breakfast, and commercials or visual depictions should not give the impression that they constitute the whole meal or that they are the most important part of that meal.

See the Advertising page for more information.

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