Food Colours

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Specific Food Colours Permitted in Canada and their Corresponding European Numbers and/or United States Names
Canada European United States
Allura Red E 129 FD&C Red No. 40
Aluminum Metal E 173 n/a
Amaranth E 123 FD&C Red No. 2
Annatto E 160b FD&C Red No. 2
Anthocyanins E 163 n/a
ß-apo- 8′-carotenal E 160e n/a
Beet Red E 162 n/a
Brilliant Blue FCF E 133 FD&C Blue No. 1
Canthaxanthin E 161g n/a
Caramel E 150 n/a
Carotene E 160a n/a
Chlorophyll E 140 n/a
Cochineal E 120 n/a
Erythrosine E 127 FD&C Red No. 3
Fast Green FCF n/a FD&C Green No. 3
Gold E 175 n/a
Indigotine E 132 FD&C Blue No. 2
Iron Oxide E 172 n/a
Lycopene Extract from Tomato E 160d n/a
Paprika E 160c n/a
Ponceau SX n/a FD&C Red No. 4
Riboflavin E 101 n/a
Silver Metal E 174 n/a
Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin E 141 n/a
Sunset Yellow FCF E 110 FD&C Yellow No. 6
Tartrazine E 102 FD&C Yellow No. 5
Titanium Dioxide E 171 n/a
Turmeric E 100 n/a

For a complete list of colours permitted in foods in Canada, including prescribed maximum levels of use and conditions, refer to Health Canada's List of Permitted Colouring Agents.

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