Labelling Requirements for Maple Products
Exemptions for Non Commercial Shipments

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The labelling requirements of the Maple Products Regulations do not apply to a shipment of maple syrup or maple products other than maple syrup that [18, MPR]:

  • does not exceed 100 litres (for maple syrup) or weighs 25 kg or less (for maple products other than maple syrup);
  • is part of an immigrant's effects;
  • is carried on any vessel, train, motor vehicle, aircraft or other means of transportation for use as food for the crew or passengers thereof;
  • is consigned to a national or an international exhibition, weighs 100 kg or less and is not intended for sale in Canada;
  • is imported from the United States onto the Akwesasne Reserve for use by an Akwesasne resident;
  • is bonded.
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