Labelling Requirements for Maple Products

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Exported products are subject to the requirements of the importing country.

Export of maple products packaged in non-standard container sizes (including bulk and shipping containers) and not marked in compliance with the Canadian regulations is allowed if:

  1. the CFIA maple establishment registration number is shown on the container, the bill of lading or the contract of sale (see Registration Number); and
  2. the label or other markings on the containers do not misrepresent the quality, quantity, composition, characteristics, safety or value or the maple syrup or maple product [16(2), MPR].

Maple Syrup with Nutrient Added

Section D.03.002 of the Food and Drug Regulations prohibits the addition of nutrients or amino acids to maple syrup or maple products sold in Canada. However the product may be produced in Canada for export trade providing the requirements of section 37 (1) of the Food and Drugs Act are met.

Therefore, if a maple product contains added vitamin C, it should clearly indicate that vitamin C is added, by modifying the common name, adding a statement and/or a list of ingredients, subject to the regulations of the receiving country.

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