Labelling Requirements for Maple Products
Maple Product Substitutes

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Section 3.1 of the MPR specifies that "no person shall market a product in import, export or interprovincial trade in such a manner that it is likely to be mistaken for a maple product for which a grade or standard is established under these Regulations".

Multi-ingredient products made with pure maple products and/or with maple flavours include maple flavoured cookies and cereal flavoured with maple syrup. Highlighted Ingredients Claims provides information that applies to the labelling of maple substitutes and to highlighting the presence of maple ingredients.

Naming Maple Product Substitutes

A product that does not meet the compositional standard for maple syrup cannot use the common name "Maple Syrup".

For combinations of maple syrup and other products, for example, a table syrup made from sugar, water, maple flavouring and with x% maple syrup could use the common name "Table syrup with x% maple syrup", "Gourmet Syrup with x% maple syrup", or "Blended Syrup with x% natural maple syrup", where x is the percentage of maple syrup present in the product.

Table syrup made without maple syrup from sugar, water and maple flavor could, for example, use the common name "Table Syrup" or "Gourmet Syrup".

For more information, refer to Common Name. Maple substitutes that are not single ingredient foods must include a List of Ingredients, in compliance with the FDR.

Provincial Regulations on Substitutes

In the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, the provincial authorities apply regulations on maple syrup and maple products but also on the use of the word "maple" in reference to maple substitutes. For products destined for this market, it is recommended to contact these authorities to confirm the acceptability of the use of the word "maple" images related to maple or other requirements applicable to products sold within these jurisdictions.

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