Labelling Requirements for Maple Products
Colour Classes of Maple Syrup

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Note: An amendment to the MPR came into force on December 12, 2014 introducing new grades for maple syrup including new colour classes with taste descriptors. A two-year transition period with the previous grades was part of this amendment, allowing the use of both systems until December 12, 2016 (10, CGII, SOR/DORS/2014-297; Related provisions, MPR). As of December 13, 2016, only the new grading system is allowed.

The new colour classes set out below are mandatory as of December 13, 2016 [12 (1) (c), 19 (1)(b), Schedule III, Schedule IV, MPR].

Maple syrup with a colour class found to be:

  • "Golden, Delicate Taste"
  • "Amber, Rich Taste"
  • "Dark, Robust Taste", or
  • "Very Dark, Strong Taste"

may be graded as "Canada Grade A", providing it meets the requirements of the "Canada Grade A" grade.

Maple syrup which does not meet the "Canada Grade A" requirements may be graded as "Canada Processing Grade", for which colour classes do not exist.

The method for the determination of colour class of maple syrup is outlined in Schedule III, MPR.

Percentage of Light Transmission for Each Colour Class of Maple Syrup
Colour Class Percentage of Light Transmission
Golden, Delicate Taste not less than 75.0
Amber, Rich Taste less than 75.0 but not less than 50.0
Dark, Robust Taste less than 50.0 but not less than 25.0
Very Dark, Strong Taste less than 25.0

The colour class designation (with the taste descriptor) must be printed on the label (definition) of the container, on any panel except the bottom [12.(1)(c), MPR].

Language and type height requirements

This declaration must appear in English and French, in a minimum type height of 1.6 mm. Note: the minimum type height is acceptable for the colour classes despite sections 12 (2)c), 12(2) and Schedule IV of the MPR.

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