Labelling Requirements for Meat and Poultry Products
Advertisements for Bulk Beef, Veal, Pork and Lamb

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Where a beef, veal, pork or lamb carcass or a portion weighing over seven kilograms is advertised for sale, the advertisement must include an indication of the grade assigned to the carcass by a Canadian or foreign grading authority. If no grade has been assigned, the advertisement must indicate that the carcass has not been graded.

When the same meat advertisement states a selling price, the advertisements must include the words "price per kilogram is based on carcass weight before cutting, boning and trimming" or the words "price per kilogram is based on the weight of the meat after cutting, boning and trimming", whichever words are applicable.

If, in addition to the selling price, a charge is payable for cutting, boning, trimming, wrapping or freezing the carcass or portion thereof, the advertisement must indicate the amount of the additional charge and, where the additional charge is payable on a price per unit weight basis, whether the additional charge is based on the weight of the carcass or portion thereof before or after the carcass has been cut, boned and trimmed.

The above information must be located immediately adjacent to the selling price without any intervening written, printed or graphic matter [B.14.018, B.14.019, FDR].

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