Organic Claims
Organic Aquaculture

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Aquaculture refers to the cultivation of seaweeds, aquatic plants or animals in a controlled or managed environment.

Aquaculture products with voluntary "organic" claims should meet the Canadian General Standards Board's National Standard of Canada for Organic Aquaculture (CAN/CGSB 32.312); published by the Standards Council of Canada in June 2012.

The Standard outlines principles for organic aquaculture production and specifies the minimum criteria that should be met when aquaculture products, their inputs and other products used in aquaculture production are defined as organic.

In order to demonstrate that an aquaculture product described as organic actually conforms to the voluntary national standard, producers or processors may ask an independent certifying body to certify the product. A food that has been certified by a certification body may be labelled as "organic" and bear the logo of the certification body. The product may not bear the Canada organic logo.

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