Identity and Principal Place of Business

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"Dealer" means a person who is a retailer, manufacturer, processor or producer of a product, or a person who is engaged in the business of importing, packing or selling any product; [2, CPLA].

Manufacturer or Distributor

"Manufacturer" or "Distributor" means a person, including an association or partnership, who under their own name, or under a trade-, design or word mark, trade name or other name, word or mark controlled by them, sells a food or drug; [A.01.010, FDR].


  • Person is defined in the Interpretation Act, which serves to interpret provisions of other Acts of Parliaments.
    • Person, or any word or expression descriptive of a person, includes a corporation [35(1), Interpretation Act].
  • For this reason, references to "person" in legislation or regulations enforced by the CFIA include a consumer, a manufacturer, a retailer, an importer, a restaurant, any other commercial industrial enterprise, an institution such as a school or hospital, and anyone else who sells, uses, or buys a food. References to this definition of "person", as per the FDR, may include ones beyond a "consumer" as per the CPLA and CPLR.
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