Labelling Requirements for Prepackaged Water and Ice
Nutrition Labelling - Water and Ice

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Mineral water, spring water, water and prepackaged ice are exempt from Nutrition Facts tables when all of the required core nutritional information would be declared as zero [B.01.401 (2)(a), FDR]. Note that this exemption may not apply in all cases due to sodium or mineral content of some waters. Nutrition labelling exemptions may be lost in certain situations, such as when a voluntary claim (e.g. "sodium-free") is made on the label. Refer to Reasons for Losing the Exemption for more information.

Common names such as "Demineralized Water", "Mineral Water" or the presence of other information required by Division 12 of the FDR (such as the declaration of fluoride content) do not cause a loss of exemption from nutrition labelling [B.01.401 (3)(e)(i), FDR].

Additionally, the presence of added fluoride to prepackaged water or ice is not required to be declared in the Nutrition Facts table [B.01.402 (6), FDR]. (See Mineral Ion Concentration below).

Refer to Nutrition Labelling for more information.

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