Retail Foods

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Retail products cover all food items being offered for sale at retail, as opposed to those food products found at other levels of trade (i.e. manufacturing, importing, wholesale, distributor or customs). The food products found at retail may have been produced and /or packaged and labelled on the retailer’s own premises or may have originated at some other trade level.

The labelling requirements detailed in the following section focus on retail responsible products packaged and labelled in the retail establishment where they are sold. They are in addition to the core labelling, voluntary claims and statements, and food-specific requirements outlined in the Industry Labelling Tool.

As the retail outlet is the point at which the product is offered to the consumer, the trader is responsible for ensuring that a retail responsible product (packaged and/ or weighed in store) meets regulatory requirements. Manufacturers and importers share joint responsibility with retailers in ensuring that factory-packed and imported foods are also properly labelled. Under both the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR) and the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations (CPLR), the manufacturer or importer of a prepackaged product is obligated to label the product before it is distributed for retail sale. Failure by the manufacturer or importer to do so does not exempt the retailer from the same responsibility. The retailer would also be liable if unlabelled goods were sold at retail i.e. the retailer could not claim that it was the manufacturer or importer alone who was responsible.

Retailers are also responsible for the accuracy of any store signage or advertisements that are store generated or displayed to promote the sale of a product.

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