Retail Foods
Common Name

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Products packaged at retail must bear a common name description on their label.

Any meat cut sold at retail must use the proper common name. Information on appropriate common names for retail meat cuts of beef, veal, pork, lamb and poultry can be found in the Meat Cuts Manual and common names for meat cuts of ostrich can be found on the Ostrich Meat Cut Nomenclature webpage.

Veal sold at retail must be labelled in accordance with the definition of veal in the Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations, as outlined in the Common Name – Meat and Poultry Products of the Industry Labelling Tool.

The Food and Drugs Act in conjunction with the Meat Inspection Act and their associated regulations prescribe common names and standards for ground meat. Retailers are responsible for ensuring that the ground meats that they offer for sale are packaged and labelled in accordance with Canadian requirements, such as percentage of fat requirements related to declaring the common name of ground meat. This includes the common names for ground meat burgers and patties which may vary based on their compositional requirements [Schedule 1, Meat Inspection Regulations].

For additional information, refer to the Common Name section of the Industry Labelling Tool.

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