Retail Foods
Date Markings

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There are date marking requirements for foods packaged on the retail premises that have 90 days or less of anticipated shelf life, specifically, the packaging date and durable life information. Additionally, foods repackaged by the retailer have further date marking requirements (see Retail Packed Foods.)

Foods with an anticipated shelf life greater than 90 days are not required to be labelled with date marking information. If retailers choose to provide customers with this information, they must follow the required manner of declaration.

For additional information, refer to the Date Markings section of the Industry Labelling Tool.

Modified Atmosphere Packaged (MAP) Foods

When a product is removed from a modified atmosphere container or package at retail, the durable life of that product may change and the retailer becomes responsible for establishing appropriate durable life information. To determine in what manner the durable life for these foods must be provided when they have been repackaged or altered at retail, refer to Modified Atmosphere Packaged Foods.

Exemptions from Durable Life Information

Certain prepackaged products packaged on the retail premises may be exempt from durable life requirements.

In addition, foods packed at retail that are thawed at retail prior to sale without being repackaged are not required to bear a durable life date or a packaging date.

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