Labelling Requirements for Salt
Voluntary Claims & Statements

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Diet Specific Claims

A salt substitute that meets the compositional and labelling criteria for a free of sodium or salt claim or for a low in sodium or salt claim may be represented as a food for special dietary use, such as "For Salt Free Diets" or "For Salt Reduced Diets" [B.24.003 (1.1), FDR].

Refer to item h) in the Summary Table for Sodium (Salt) Claims for more information.

Nutrient Content Claims

A salt product represented as "Reduced in Sodium" is required to be formulated so that it contains at least 25% less sodium than regular table salt. Such a product must be labelled with the difference in the amount of sodium by percentage, fraction or milligrams per serving, for example, 50% Less Sodium than Table Salt, ½ the Sodium of Table Salt, 275 mg less Sodium per ¼ tsp.

Refer to Sodium (salt) claims for more information.

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