Labelling Requirements for Shell Egg Products
Producer Premises Code (PPC)

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The producer premises code is required on labels of shell eggs [14(g), ER]. The PPC is a code applied to an egg container which is a combination of letters, symbols and numbers that distinguishes the premises of a producer from which the eggs originated. This declaration must be declared on the package as follows:

The location and minimum type size requirements of the producer premises code on a shell egg container
For cartons and trays with an overwrap For boxes, cases and pallets with loose eggs
Location Any outside panel other than the bottom [21(1), ER] On one of four sides [19(1)(a), ER]
Minimum type size 1.5 mm [21(2)(a), ER] 6 mm [20(1)(c), ER]

Note: The requirement to declare the PPC on the label is considered to be met when it is marked on the shell of every egg, if it is clearly visible to the consumer without having to open the container (e.g. clear plastic cartons).

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