Labelling Requirements for Shell Egg Products
Other Required Markings

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Dye Mark

A dye mark may be applied to eggs that are determined to be surplus to the needs of the table market. These eggs are destined exclusively for further processing. The words "Dyed" or "Teints" must appear on containers other than trays with an overwrap or cartons, superimposed on the grade name, when the eggs have been marked with a dye mark. The minimum type size for these words is 13 mm [17(1)(b), 20(1)(a), ER].


The words "Rejects" and "Rejetés" must appear on the label of containers of eggs that do not meet the requirements for a grade and may be disposed of or sold for animal feed or purposes other than human consumption [15(2), ER]. These words must appear on one of the four sides of the container in a minimum type size of 6 mm [19(1)(a), 20(1)(c), ER].

Pasteurized Eggs

The words "Pasteurized", "Pasteurisé", "Graded Canada A before pasteurization" and "Classé Canada A avant pasteurization" must appear on the label of eggs when they have been pasteurized in their shell [14(1)(h), ER]. This declaration must appear on the package as follows:

The location and minimum type size requirements of pasteurized eggs markings on a shell egg container
For cartons and trays with an overwrap For boxes, cases and pallets with loose eggs
Location Any outside panel other than the bottom [21(1), ER] On one of four sides [19(1)(a), ER]
Minimum type size 1.5 mm [21(2)(a), ER] 6 mm [20(1)(c), ER]

Ungraded Eggs

In order for ungraded eggs to be imported or shipped interprovincially, they must be labelled appropriately. "Ungraded eggs" or "Oeufs non classés" must appear on the label in type size of at least 13 mm [20(1)(a), 30(2), ER].

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