Labelling Requirements for Shell Egg Products
Voluntary Claims and Statements

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Nutrient Content Claims – Shell Egg

Cholesterol Claims

The nutritional characteristics of eggs do not meet the conditions set out in the FDR for cholesterol claims. Refer to Nutrient Content Claims for more information about cholesterol claims.

Modified Eggs

Graders that market eggs with nutrient content has been modified through the feed are responsible for the accuracy of any declared nutrient values or nutrient content claims, including cholesterol levels. The cholesterol content of generic eggs may differ from that of eggs that have had their contents modified through the feed. For more information, refer to Nutrient Content Claims.

Other Claims – Shell Egg

"Fresh" Claims

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) position is that all eggs are fresh. Therefore, the claim "fresh" is permitted only if it appears as part of a statement such as "all eggs are fresh" or "like all eggs, these eggs are fresh". "Fresh" is allowed in advertising, however, to distinguish eggs in the shell from other physical forms of eggs such as powdered, frozen and liquid whole eggs.

"Farm Fresh" Claims

The claim "farm fresh" implies that the eggs were distributed directly from the farm to the store. This claim should only be used if a grader grades their own eggs in a registered on-farm operation and ships them directly to the store.

"Natural" Claims

CFIA's position is that all eggs are natural. Therefore, the term "natural" is permitted only if it appears as part of a statement such as "all eggs are natural" or "like all eggs, these eggs are natural".

"No Hormones" Claims

A "no hormones" claim by itself on an egg carton would be considered misleading under section 5(1) of the Food and Drugs Act, as the use of hormones is not permitted in poultry in Canada. Hormones cannot be administered in any form, including through feed or water. A "no hormones" claim can be made on an egg carton provided it is accompanied by a statement explaining that "the use of hormones is not permitted in poultry in Canada" and must be placed in close proximity to the claim. Refer to "Raised Without the Use of Added Hormones" Claims for additional information.

"No Preservatives"

CFIA's position is that "no preservatives" or similar claims are not acceptable for shell eggs as it is not possible to insert preservatives inside of an egg.

"Young Hens" Claims

Claims such as "specially selected from young hens" are permitted. Indication of what is considered young (e.g. less than X months of lay) is recommended. Claims that the eggs are young (rather than the hens) are not permitted.

"Enhanced" Claims

"Enhanced" is the term to be used when a nutrient in an egg has been increased via the feed. The terms "fortified" and "enriched" are not to be used to describe a shell egg nutrient profile because these terms are used for foods where nutrients have been added directly to the food.

For more information on the above claims, refer to Composition and Quality Claims and Method of Production.

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