Labelling Requirements for Shell Egg Products
Net Quantity (Count) – Shell Egg

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The net quantity of eggs is declared by count. The number of eggs in a container is required to be marked on the label [14(1)(e), ER]. The quantity can be either displayed numerically or the words can be written out (i.e. "12" or "one dozen"). The net quantity declaration must be declared on the package as follows:

The location and minimum type size requirements of the net quantity on a shell egg container
For cartons and trays with an overwrap For boxes, cases and pallets with loose eggs
Location Any outside panel other than the bottom [21(1), ER] On one of four sides [19(1)(a), ER].
Minimum type size
  • 1.5 mm [21(2)(a), ER]
  • 1.6 mm, increasing with size of principal display surface [14, CPLR]
6 mm [20(1)(c), ER].

For more information, refer to Net Quantity.

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