Labelling Requirements for Shell Egg Products
Grade Designation

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The grade name must appear on the label of shell eggs [14(1)(b), ER].

The four grades of shell eggs are:

  • Canada A
  • Canada B
  • Canada C
  • Canada Nest Run [3, ER]

Canada C eggs are destined for further processing only [Schedule 1, 1(4)(c), ER].

Specifications regarding the grade name declaration are as follows:

The location and minimum type size requirements of the grade name on a shell egg container
For cartons and trays with an overwrap For boxes, cases and pallets with loose eggs
Location On the top panel [21(1), ER] On one of the four sides of the container [21(1), ER]
Minimum type size
  • For Canada A and Canada B, the word Canada: 1.5 mm; [21(2)(b)(i), ER] & the grade letter (A, B): 3 mm [21(2)(b)(ii), ER]
  • For Canada C and Canada Nest Run: 1.5 mm [21(2)(a), ER]
  • For Canada A and Canada B, the word Canada: 6 mm; [20(1)(b)(i), ER] & the grade letter (A, B): 13 mm [20(1)(b)(ii), ER]
  • For Canada C and Canada Nest Run: 13 mm [20(1)(a), ER]

The grade name must conform to the official design as indicated in Schedule II of the ER. When eggs are graded A or B, this grade name must be shown inside the outline of a maple leaf [15(1)(2), ER].

Graded eggs that are imported into Canada must be marked with the foreign grade designation equivalent to a Canadian grade [14(1)(b), ER]. A Canada grade name cannot be applied in a foreign facility, nor can a foreign grade name be applied in Canada.

Any claims declaring or implying that the eggs are superior in quality to the grade marked are prohibited [18, ER].

See Chapter 4.5 of the Shell Egg Manual for more information about grades.

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