Labelling Requirements for Shell Egg Products
Size Designation

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Canada A eggs require a size designation in both official languages from the table below [14(1)(c), 16(1), ER].

The different size designations for shell egg in both official languages
English French
Jumbo Size Jumbo
Extra Large Size Extra gros
Large Size Gros
Medium Size Moyen
Small Size Petit
Peewee Size Très petit

This size designation must be marked as follows:

The location and minimum type size requirements of the size designation on a shell egg container
For cartons and trays with an overwrap For boxes, cases and pallets with loose eggs
Location Close proximity to the maple leaf [16(2), ER] Close proximity to the maple leaf [16(2), ER]
Minimum type size 3 mm [21(2)(b)(ii), ER] 13 mm [20(1)(b)(ii), ER].

Multiple Size Designation: In order to allow a supply of boxes to be used to pack the different sizes of eggs, it is permitted to have a check off system to identify the size of the eggs in the box. The size designation of the eggs inside the container must be clearly marked and the eggs must all be of that grade size [14(3), ER].

Words that are indicative of size other than the appropriate size designation are prohibited [18, ER].

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