Shipping Containers
Labelling Requirements

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The following mandatory labelling requirements apply to shipping containers. For further information on each requirement, visit the Industry Labelling Tool.

  • Common name;
  • List of ingredients and allergen labelling;
  • Identity and Principal Place of Business;
  • Net quantity;
  • Nutrition labelling;
  • Other mandatory information as required for the product (e.g. labelling of irradiated foods, previously frozen declaration, etc.)

Nutrition Labelling

The contents of a shipping container and their intended use will dictate the type of nutrition labelling required on the shipping container. Refer to the reference from the list below that describes the contents of the shipping container:


Shipping containers are generally exempt from date markings and bilingual labelling.

  • Date Markings: A durable life date (definition) is generally not required on shipping containers, even if the products have a durable life of 90 days or less.  However, if the container were to be sold to consumers at the retail level (e.g. some warehouse outlets), durable life date labelling would be required.  For more information, refer to Date Markings.
  • Bilingual Labelling: Labelling information on shipping containers that are destined for a commercial or industrial enterprise or institution is not required to be declared in both official languages if: the shipping container and contents are not resold as a unit prepackaged product to a consumer at the retail level, and if the labelling information required by the FDR is shown in one of the official languages [B.01.012(11), FDR]. For more information, refer to Bilingual Labelling.
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