Shipping Containers
Product Specific Labelling Requirements

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Irradiated Foods

Shipping containers of irradiated foods have specific requirements beyond those for irradiated consumer prepackaged foods.

  • The label attached to a shipping container containing irradiated foods must carry the following statements [B.01.035.(7), FDR]:
    • "irradiated", "treated with radiation", "treated by irradiation", or a written statement with the same meaning.


    • in the case of shipping containers of foods that have been subjected to the maximum permitted irradiation dose for that food, the statement "Do not irradiate again".

Shipping containers do not require the symbol that indicates the irradiated food [B.01.035(8), FDR].

For more information, refer to Irradiated Foods.

Specific Foods

Certain commodities have specific requirements with respect to shipping containers. For details on shipping container requirements for each individual commodity, refer to the Food-Specific Labelling Requirements of the Industry Labelling Tool.

Claims and Representations

Any claims or representations made on or with respect to food in a shipping container are subject to the same provisions outlined in Claims and Statements of the Industry Labelling Tool.

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