CFIA audits and assessments of food control systems in other countries

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) periodically conducts audits and assessments of the food control systems of Canada's trading partners as:

  • A pre-requisite to trade where Canada has established specific import requirements (that is, meat and molluscan shellfish)
  • A part of system recognition negotiation where Canada wants to recognize national food control systems or specific commodity controls that provides comparable outcomes and meets Canadian requirements
  • A part of developing and maintaining relations to enhance food safety, where trade between Canada and an exporting country is ongoing

As new audits and assessments are performed and new agreements are finalized, the corresponding final reports will be posted.

Available final reports

Meat sector audits and assessments

People's Republic of China


European Union (EU)

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

United States of America

Non-meat sector audits and assessments




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