Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Meat Programs
1.7. Protocol for High Visibility Issues

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Any situation that might have, for example, political, public health, serious economic or legal implications should be considered a high visibility issue. There may be occasions when routine situations, for one reason or another, escalate and reach the status of high visibility.

CFIA inspectors, when faced with a situation of this kind, should contact their Inspection Managers. The managers should attempt to assess it fully and consider possible actions required to deal with it and its possible impact. This information should be relayed to the appropriate Regional Director.

Questions from the media about news releases, food recalls, fact sheets or any other Agency program or issue can be referred to any CFIA media relations officer.

Consumers who suspect that their health has been compromised because of food may contact their family physician or local health authority, who will follow up with the appropriate treatment. Concerns about restaurant food should be reported to local inspection authorities, who may contact the CFIA to initiate an investigation, if the food appears to be the likely cause of illness.

Consumers who believe a product presents a health and safety risk can report a potential food safety incident to the CFIA.

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