Chapter 11 – Export

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This chapter is not a complete source of information for the exporter. It contains only information regarding veterinary, sanitary, packing, marking, labelling and certification requirements of most countries to which Canada exports meat and meat products.

With regard to the commercial aspect and related documentation, it is strongly recommended that the exporter communicate with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, a specialized broker, the Embassy or a Consulate of the country to which export is contemplated.

Before completing any deal, an exporter should ensure that the product is acceptable to the authorities of the importing country. It is the responsibility of the exporter to verify that all the requirements of the importing country are being met. This Department only supervises their implementation and certifies accordingly.

For this reason, it would be appreciated if any person aware of a requirement not indicated in this chapter inform the appropriate regional office. This would permit us to verify this information and add it, if applicable, to the other requirements of the country concerned.


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