Chapter 15 - Low-Acid and Acidified Low-Acid Foods in Hermetically Sealed Containers (Canned Foods)
15.11 Required Inspection Procedures (Additional to normal monitoring of construction, sanitation, etc.)

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15.11.1 Verification of Empty Container Inspection

  • check plant quality control records;
  • monitor testing procedures;
  • visually inspect sample of empty containers before filling point, for defects and cleanliness; and
  • check equipment used to clean cans for proper functioning

15.11.2 Verification of Handling and Storage of Incoming Product, Product Preparation, Filling and Closure Operations

  • check plant quality control record;
  • monitor testing procedures;
  • check coding on cans;
  • check external surfaces for cleanliness, require washing if necessary;
  • check for heat sensitive identifiers; and
  • visually inspect sample of closed containers;

15.11.3 Verification of Retort Operations

  • check plant quality control records;
  • ensure that thermal processes are posted and accessible to retort operators and monitor thermal processing;
  • check for correlation between thermometers; and
  • check for heat sensitive identifiers.

15.11.4 Verification of Cooling Operations and Post Retort Handling

  • check water testing and satisfactory chlorine levels; and
  • visually inspect cooled containers for defects.

15.11.5 Controlling Incubation Procedures

  • ensure an adequate number of samples is identified and placed in incubator;
  • examine samples daily during incubation period;
  • record date in and date out of each sample along with all relevant information; and
  • monitor temperature charts.

15.11.6 Verification of Distribution Records

  • Ensure that destination, etc. of all lots, especially those released prior to completion of incubation is properly recorded.
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