Chapter 17 - Ante and Post-mortem Procedures, Dispositions, Monitoring and Controls - Meat Species, Ostriches, Rheas and Emus
17.2 Hygiene in Slaughter Establishments

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17.2.1 Introduction


17.2.2 Compatibility of Operations

Operators shall use their HACCP system to analyze any potential biological, chemical and physical dangers due to incompatible operations.

17.2.3 Sources of Contamination and Cross Contamination

The operator is responsible for producing safe and non-adulterated food. He shall pay particular attention to, without being limited, the following points:

  • Dressing and defect removal procedures.
  • Common contact between exposed parts of carcasses and an unsanitized surface prior to carcass approval.
  • Common contact between carcasses and parts until post-mortem inspection is completed.
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