Chapter 18 - Compliance Verification System
18.1 Introduction

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Compliance Verification System

This chapter outlines the procedures governing the Compliance Verification System (CVS) to be conducted in all federally registered meat and poultry establishments.

The CVS provides an efficient and uniform approach to verifying registered establishments compliance with regulations. The CVS includes verification tasks that are used by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspection staff to assess compliance to regulatory requirements. Each verification task includes detailed procedures for the inspection staff to follow when conducting verifications.

This chapter provides guidance on the verification task process as well as the reporting tools to be used in the implementation of the CVS. These tools allow data to be captured and analysed for:

  • patterns of compliance;
  • indications of systemic problems;
  • compliance with Canadian trading partner's regulations; and
  • uniformity of program delivery.

Verification of industry's compliance to regulations includes more than the verification tasks outlined in this chapter. Other verification activities conducted by CFIA staff are import inspection (Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures [MOP] Chapter 10), export verification (MOP Chapter 11), complaint investigation and recall (CFIA Food Emergency Response).

Follow-up after a food safety recall and non-compliant situations identified through export verification, and complaint investigations by the CFIA will result in the completion of the corresponding verification task.

Compliance is normally achieved through a co-operative approach between the operator and the inspection staff. This approach generally involves the operator correcting instances of non-compliance through the development and implementation of action plans. When this co-operative approach is not successful, or when the operator is unwilling or unable to correct non-compliances, the CFIA pursues the enforcement options outlined in Chapter 14 of the MOP.

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