Chapter 2 – Guidelines for the Applicant/Operator to the Registration of an Establishment and Licensing of an Operator
2.2 Introduction

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The Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990 (hereinafter "Meat Inspection Regulations") prescribe requirements for the registration of an establishment, licensing of an operator of a registered establishment, construction, maintenance and operation of registered establishment, and the equipment therein.

This chapter provides procedures with respect to the registration of an establishment and licensing of an operator.

Applicants wishing to register an establishment under the Meat Inspection Regulations, and obtain the licence to operate the registered establishment shall submit an application for registration of an establishment and an application for a licence to operate a registered establishment to the CFIA, Center of Administration (CoA).

An applicant is responsible for ensuring the establishment location, construction, and nature of operation are in accordance with all applicable ordinances. Upon CFIA request, the applicant shall provide written assurance (e.g., a building permit, occupancy permit, etc.) from the appropriate authorities indicating compliance with all applicable requirements.

Construction and operational requirements for a registered establishment and the operator can be found in Chapter 3, Prerequisite Programs, as well as other applicable chapters of the Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures (MOP).

The assigned responsible inspector is the contact between the applicant/operator and the CoA with respect to the registration of an establishment and licensing of an operator of a registered establishment.

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