Chapter 9 - Emergency Situations
9.4 Reportable and Immediately Notifiable Diseases

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Reportable diseases are listed in the Reportable Diseases Regulations and are usually of significant importance to human or animal health or to the Canadian economy. Animal owners, veterinarians and laboratories are required to immediately report the presence of an animal that is contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with one of these diseases to a CFIA district veterinarian. Control or eradication measures will be applied immediately.

Immediately notifiable diseases are listed in the Health of Animals Regulations and are mainly diseases exotic to Canada for which there are no control or eradication programs; however, this category does include some rare indigenous diseases. Any laboratory that diagnoses one of these diseases must immediately notify the CFIA, and provide detailed information on the source/origin of the affected animal(s).

The CFIA can undertake control measures for such diseases when notified of their presence in Canada. A herd or flock of origin may be required to be certified as being free from these diseases in order to meet import requirements of trading partners.

Only laboratories are required to contact the CFIA regarding the suspicion or diagnosis of one of these diseases. Information must be forwarded by e-mail to the Animal Disease Surveillance Unit.

Fax: 1-450-768-0064 (attention: notification)

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