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Any agricultural product that is labelled organic (including food for human consumption, livestock feed and seeds) is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Producers of these products must be prepared to demonstrate that organic claims are truthful and not misleading, and that all commodity-specific requirements have been met. All food sold in Canada must comply with the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and Regulations, and any commodity-specific requirements, such as those for dairy, eggs and meat.

Compliance with the Organic Products Regulations, 2009 is also required if the product:

  • has an organic claim on the label and is sold between provinces or territories or imported; or
  • displays the Canada Organic Logo on the label and is sold within or outside of Canada.

Under the Organic Products Regulations, 2009, products must be certified organic according to the Canadian Organic Standards. The Organic Product Regulations, 2009 also establish a regulated organic certification system, known as the Canada Organic Regime. The purpose of the Canada Organic Regime is to regulate all parties involved in the certification of agricultural organic products (including operators producing organic products, Certification Bodies and Conformity Verification Bodies) and to verify all applicable regulatory requirements, standards and guidance documents are being met.

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