Labelling Requirements for Honey
Non-compliant Honey

Any person may send or convey honey from one province to another or import honey that does not meet the requirements of the SFCA and SFCR, except for the requirements for standard container sizes, provided that [18(1), SFCR]:

  • a label that bears the expression "For Further Preparation Only" or "pour conditionnement ultérieur seulement" is applied or attached to the honey or accompanies it, and
  • the food is manufactured, processed, treated, preserved, graded, packaged or labelled by a licence holder to bring it into compliance with SFCA and SFCR requirements within three months, or a longer period as specified by the Minister at the person’s written request.

Non-compliant honey that is interprovincially traded may be labelled with the words "Substandard" / "sous-régulier" in lieu of the expression "For Further Preparation Only" / "pour conditionnement ultérieur seulement" [18(2)(c), SFCR]. Although required to be brought into compliance with regulatory requirements, this honey labelled as such is not required to meet grade requirements or to be labelled with a grade name [306(3)(b), SFCR]. Refer to Grade Name for Honey for more information.    

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