Food Investigation Response Manual
Appendix 6C - Example Instructions for Completing Effectiveness Checks for Food Recall

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  1. Name and Address of Food Premise: Record the name and address of the food premise visited. Please include city / town.
  2. Date of Visit (yyyy/mm/dd): Record the date on which you conducted the visit. If a visit was not done, record "phone" and the date on which you made the phone call.
  3. Contact Name and Phone Number: Record the name and phone number of the person you spoke to at the food premise visited who has the authority to respond to product recall notifications.
  4. Notification received from recalling firm/supplier (Y/N): Ask the responsible person "Are you aware of a product recall conducted by recalling firm X of product Y?" If they received notification by phone, fax or e-mail, record "Yes". If notification was not received in any form, record "No".
  5. Supplier's Name and Phone Number: Record the name and phone number of the supplier of the recalled product to the food premise visited.
  6. Recalled product offered for sale at time of visit (Y/N) (If yes, how many): Examine the store shelves to determine if the product is offered for sale at the time of your visit.
    1. If product is offered for sale, record "Yes" and the number of units found. Ask the store to remove the product from sale and segregate it appropriately. Proceed to question 7.
    2. If product is not offered for sale, record "No." Proceed to question 8.
  7. If offered for sale, date of notification to the CFIA (yyyy/mm/dd): If product was offered for sale at the time of your visit, notify the CFIA contact by phone fax, or email ASAP. Record the date on which you contacted the CFIA.
  8. If not offered for sale, indicate disposition of recalled product by food premise (a. segregated by retailer; b. returned to supplier; c. sold out at time of recall; d. did not receive the product): If product was not offered for sale at the time of your visit, ask the responsible person "What action was taken with this product?"
    1. If product was removed by the retailer and set aside, physically verify that the product was segregated and will not be mistakenly returned to the store shelves. Record "a".
    2. If product was removed by the retailer and already returned to the supplier, verify by reviewing invoices/written documents. Record "b".
    3. If product was sold out at the time of notification, record "c".
    4. If the food premise did not receive the recalled product, record "d".
  9. Distributes further (Y/N) (If yes, notify CFIA. Obtain list): Ask the responsible person "Other than retail sales to individual consumers, do you further distribute this product (act as a wholesaler…)?" If the account further distributes, ask them to prepare a distribution list. Notify the CFIA contact by phone, fax or email ASAP and forward the distribution list to the CFIA contact. The CFIA will continue the follow up.

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