HACCP Generic Model For Spices

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The General Principles of Food Hygiene, Composition and Labelling (GPFHCL) continues to be the current Canadian regulatory guidelines for spice manufacturers. The HACCP Generic Model for Spices and its companion document, Food Safety Practices Guidance for Spice Manufacturers were developed by a committee consisting of representatives from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada. These documents are intended to be food safety resources for the spice industry.

The generic model was developed using CFIA's Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) approach and tools, Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the FSEP Manual, including the ten forms as well as the Codex Alimentarius Decision Tree, to determine the Critical Control Points (CCPs). It is a practical example for spice manufacturers to follow in designing their own facility-specific HACCP Plan. The HACCP Generic Model for Spices was used by the committee during the development of the Food Safety Practices Guidance document. This guidance document incorporates Chapters 1 to 8 of the GPFHCL, in addition to other reference material. Using a HACCP approach, it provides guidance on controlling potential hazards. Chapter 1 provides information about developing operational controls for controlling hazards, while Chapters 2 to 8 provide information about developing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) or prerequisite programs as they are called in the FSEP approach. A hazard summary is provided after the Scope section in the companion guidance document.

Together, the generic model and its companion guidance document establish a practical system that spice manufacturers can use to review all potential health and safety hazards in their operation, allowing the facility's personnel to focus on controlling the points that are critical to the safety of the finished product.

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