HACCP Generic Model for Sprouts Grown In Water
Example of Completed Form 1: Product Description Process

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1. Product name

Water-grown sprouts

Note: The manufacturer should list each specific product name (mung bean sprouts, onion sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, etc.). Where the manufacturer produces numerous types of products in varying package sizes, a separate list may be attached to Form 1 or a reference to a current computerized list of products may be added here.

2. Important product characteristics (Aw, pH, preservatives, etc.)

No existing pathogen barriers

3. How the product will be used


4. Packaging

  • plastic liners
  • reusable plastic totes
  • plastic bags
  • cardboard boxes (bulk)
  • plastic containers (clam shells)

5. Shelf life

X days, depending upon the product, at refrigerated temperature (4°C)

6. Where it will be sold

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Institutions
  • Sold directly to the general public
  • For further processing (e.g. egg rolls, frozen dinners)

7. Labelling instructions

  • Keep refrigerated
  • Rinse prior to use
  • Best Before date

8. Special distribution control

Temperature control (X °C )

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