HACCP Generic Model for Sprouts Grown In Water
Example of Completed Form 2: List of Product Ingredients and Incoming Material

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Legend: Explanation of Codes

(B) = Biological

(C) = Chemical

(P) = Physical

Fresh Commodity

seeds (BCP)

Water (well and/or municipal)

water (BCP)

Packaging Material

  • plastic bags (BCP)
  • plastic containers (BCP)
  • cardboard boxes (BCP)
  • plastic liners (BCP)
  • reusable plastic totes (BCP)


growth regulators/plant nutrients/fertilizers (BCP)

Antimicrobial Treatment

  • calcium hypochlorite (CP)
  • sodium hypochlorite (CP)
  • hydrogen peroxide (CP)
  • peroxyacetic acid (CP)
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