HACCP Generic Model for Sprouts Grown In Water
Example of Completed Form 4: Plant Schematic

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Construct the plant schematic diagram on Form 4.

Note: This form is to be specific for each establishment.

Indicate the flows of raw and finished products as well as employee traffic and, where a possible hazard exists, indicate the movement of packaging material, waste or garbage.

Include the flows of all ingredients and packaging materials from the moment they are received through storage, preparation, processing and packaging to finished product holding and shipping.

Indicate employee traffic patterns throughout the establishment from the time the employees enter the building. Include movement into change rooms, washrooms, lunchrooms, offices and maintenance, as well as the employees' movement through food production areas of the facility.

This diagram should be your primary tool for identifying potential areas of cross-contamination (e.g. locations where allergen ingredients, food additives, waste or raw ingredients could come into unplanned contact with product or where employees could cross contaminate product).

(See the Canadian Food Inspection Agency FSEP Manual - Section 3.2.4)

Note: The points of cross-contamination should be marked on the plant schematic and a full description of each of the identified hazards should be recorded on Form 5, 6 and/or 7, Form 8 and, where appropriate, Form 10 (examples of possible hazards that could be identified on Form 4 are provided on Form 5).

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